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Are you facing a heating system malfunction? If you're having trouble with your heating system and cannot identify where the problem lies, it is possible that your system requires power flushing to clear out any sludge build up or blockages. Reliable power flushing by Mr Boiler Gas and Building Services will increase the efficiency of your heating system.

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Blockages are common in most water heating systems and it is inevitably going to require a power flushing service every so often to keep the pipes, radiators & valves from blocking and also make the central heating system more energy efficient. When this occurs, you can rely on Mr Boiler Gas and Plumbing Services in Ilford.

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A need for power flushing

Mr Boiler Gas and Building Services in Ilford can help you with kitchen fitting for leak-free taps and pipework. Whether you need a faulty tap replaced or a new wash basin, you can rely on us for timely and reliable work. Contact us for a free quote.

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Get rid of blockages with power flushing. Call us

Get rid of blockages with power flushing. Call us on:

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Powerflushing is the fast and efficient way to remove sludge and debris from new and existing systems in order to restore or maintain the energy efficiency of your central heating system. The procedure/ time taken to powerflush varies depending on the size and condition of the system. It is recommended to powerflush before installing a new boiler to protect and extend the system’s life and maintain the boiler’s Sedbuk energy efficiency rating.

A need for power flushing